Poor sitting Posture can Cause Hip & Groin Problems

Hip and Groin pain in young athletes is becoming extremely common with many having to undergo surgical procedure of the hip to eventually gain pain relief. So what is wrong with the Hip Joint that requires surgery to relieve Groin and upper thigh pain? Well the structure that is damaged within the hip socket is the Labrum fibrocartilage which is thick in density but possesses poor healing qualities when torn. The role of the cartilage is to increase Hip Joint Stability, hence if the structure is damaged stability or control of the Hip joint is reduced with a symptom of ‘giving way’ often reported.

So why has Hip labrum Tears Become so common?

The tearing of the labral occurs gradually overtime due to the poor mechanics of the femoral head Ball engaging poorly with the socket of the acetabulum. The tearing of the Labrum, which can be visualized as a putty-like feature within the socket, occurs at the front of the internal ceiling of the socket. The reason for the tearing of this front section of Labral cartilage is due to excessive frontal movement of the Femoral Head Ball into the front of the Acetabulum socket during walking, running, standing, sitting, twisting and turning.

Our Posture needs to be addressed?

Yes poor Posture in a Young athlete causes the thigh bone to angle backwards into extension leading to dysfunctional connection between the ball and the socket. This can be corrected if the Patient tilts their pelvis slightly backwards to improve alignment.

Similarly the upper torso can show poor alignment that influences hip stability, if the patient’s chest bone (sternum) is not directly positioned above the front edges of the pelvis, and then this too can angle the head of the femur towards the front end of the acetabulum socket. Early identification of these discrepancies in alignment is very helpful in reducing risk of hip problems.

Sitting in a slouched posture on the couch again serves to place pressure load towards the front of the Hip Joint. We should sit tall with the analogy of the pelvis like of a bucket of water, where we do not want to tilt water out the front or to back of the bucket, hence maintaining a neutral pelvis position and centralizing hip joint. Additionally ensure your feet are firmly planted on the floor.

In next week’s article I will further address causes of Hip Labral tears.

Tomás Ryan is a Registered Physical Therapist with The Irish Association of Physical Therapy and is based in Thurles. Contact Number: 0504 26672. Email: tomaspryan@gmail.com

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