Hip & Groin Pain when walking - Capsular Strain

A straining of the capsule of the Hip joint is an injury that frequently causes pain into the front of the hip and groin region and even into the buttock. The capsule is a sleeve of ligaments that help stabilise the hip joint. The injury can occur as a result of a minor trauma to the hip region leading to inflammation of the hip the capsule. This injury generally heels with treatment but can often result in tightening of the joint capsule with movements such as bending the hip and turning the leg inwards becoming restricted leading to pain into the front of the hip, groin, and buttock region. In time, this tightening of the joint capsule can lead to Osteoarthritis of the Hip, a condition that we discussed previously in this column.

Capsular strain of the hip joint can also be brought about by activities of daily living such as sitting for long durations in the office or in the car. This lack of mobility forces the movement in the Hip joint to become restricted leading to pain on weight bearing movement.

Common Signs & Symptoms;

  • Pain into the front of the Hip and Groin region.

  • Some patients will experience pain into the buttock.

  • Pain can occur after periods of inactivity such as sitting for prolonged periods.

  • Weight bearing activities such as walking or running can cause pain.

  • Difficulty extending your leg backwards

  • Knee joint may become painful due to the loss of mobility in the Hip.

Hip Joint Capsule

Treatment & Management of Capsular Strain of Hip

With all Patients attend my clinic complaining with pain into the hip & groin region; it is important that I differentiate the symptoms of Capsular Strain of the Hip Joint from other Hip conditions such as Osteoarthritis or Trochanteric Bursitis. Graded exercise to build the weak hip muscles are very important, in addition to ensuring standing or walking activities are not putting excessive pressure on the strained joint capsule. Manual physical therapy treatment that will help to reduce the pain and increase the movement into the restricted strained Hip joint capsule include release of the tight Hip muscles and graded mobilisations to the hip joint.

Tomás Ryan is a Registered Physical Therapist with The Irish Association of Physical Therapy and is based in Thurles. Contact Number: 0504 26672. Email: tomaspryan@gmail.com

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