Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Treatment

We commonly treat shoulder injuries in both the sporting and non-sporting populations

with every age group from teenagers to the elderly.

We are very experienced in the diagnosis treatment and rehabilitation of conditions like:

 Rotator cuff Tendinopathies

 Bicep Tendon Tendinopathy

 Arthritic Shoulder Joint

 Shoulder dislocations

 AC Joint Injuries

 Labrum tear within the joint

 Clavicle fractures

 Frozen shoulders

 Sub acromial bursitis

 Improving the weak and injury prone shoulder

 Nerve related Shoulder Pain

Several factors such as Neck and thoracic spine restriction, Poor shoulder blade

position, weak rotator cuff muscle activation can contribute to your shoulder pain can

contribute to shoulder Pain. At the Injury Solutions Clinic you will undergo a thorough

full body assessment to diagnosis the true cause of your shoulder pain.

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