Knee Pain


Knee Pain Treatment

Every day we see both young and old Patients with knee in our clinic. The Knee

Pain can be caused by traumatic injury as in Sport, or simply has occurred gradually

or a period of time with no traumatic injury episode.


Knee Pain can be located at the front of the Knee, or lateral or medial knee Joint. Hence there are several structures that be injured within the Joint. We specialise in correctly diagnosing what is injured

in your knee joint and treating and rehabilitating the injury.


We will also identify dysfunctional areas, such as in the Hip or ankle that has contributed significantly to

the cause of injury. Our Rehabilitation will focus on reducing any future risk of injury



We have many years of experience of treating and rehabilitating Patients from surgical and non-surgical repairs to the Anterior and Posterior Cruciate Ligaments, Medial and Lateral Knee Ligaments, Meniscus and Cartilage. We use the most recent and up to date research in the field of physiotherapy when treating

all knee conditions.

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